Observations About Brace Design

There are certain things that bother me about the design of some modern grand-staff braces. Here are some braces from Sibelius (Opus and Helsinki fonts), Finale, and LilyPond (Feta font) braces.

First of all, I can’t stand the pasted on look of Finale’s and Sibelius’ design. This can be seen close up in the “flatness” of the brace’s tangent point to the staff.

LilyPond’s Feta font however, doesn’t have this unsightly “shaved off” appearance to its brace edge.

Secondly, braces should group several staves into a larger SINGLE unit. This is best accomplished by having only 2 outer tangent points from the brace to the staves, encompassing them into a larger group. But the design of some braces counteract this purpose by having too many tangent points to the staves. By having too many tangent points the brace no longer groups staves into a single unit but subconsciously  creates three division among the staves.

But thankfully, LilyPond has the best of the two items: full, rounded brace tips and only 2 tangent points. Just another reason that I love working in LilyPond.


One thought on “Observations About Brace Design

  1. I can only agree with you about the brace design. I use Mozart (music processor), in which there are only two tangent points. It doesn’t have that shaved effect, either. I don’t know if you are familiar with Mozart.co.uk.

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