Classical Technique in Composition


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This is a unique, activity-driven sequence of exercises that guides new composers through the principles of Melody, Counterpoint, Harmony, Form and Invention. Through these composers build a foundation of technique that will support them later on in their new directions. After completing the one-semester sequence, each composer will have four compositions to add to their portfolio: a CANON, a CHORALE, a piece in BINARY FORM, and an INVENTION.

Classical Technique in Composition is a text of exercises to be used in individual or classroom instruction. These exercises assume a previous study and understanding of music theory. Two semesters of music theory, or a study of roman numeral analysis, 4-part voice leading, and modulation are requisite to complete this course.

This edition was engraved in LilyPond 2.17.97 by Nels Drue Daily, and is available for purchase from Lulu Publishing.


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