Most publishers are without editors and engravers for incoming new music.
Composers want their music to look great and operate effectively.
Choose a service below to get your score publication ready.

1. Email sheet music to ND Music Edition: Payment is made through PayPal button below.

2. Scores are critiqued.

  • Measure number are required for an accurate critique.
  • Critiques are about the design and musical aspects of the score. I do not offer training for your notation software.

3. A report is sent back to the composer.

SCORE CONSULTATION – $30.00 per Work

This service involves a critique that identifies general problems or isolated mistakes is score that need to be addressed and summarized in a report. Comments are not made about every measure.

For Extra Proofing


This is the same as the SCORE CONSULTATION above, but includes a critique of parts.

For Extra Proofing

DETAILED SCORE+PARTS EDITING – $0.10 per measure per staff

With this service, the entire score is critiqued measure by measure and summarized in a detailed report. Please contact me about price before paying through PayPal.

For Extra Proofing

ENGRAVING – $0.25 per measure per staff

With this service, ND Music Edition engraves the entire score. The client receives digital PDF files as a product. One proof is provided to the customer before the final product is delivered. Any additional proofing will require proofing fees. Please contact me about price before paying through PayPal.

For Extra Proofing


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